After spending my life in law enforcement, security and intelligence, and then becoming a writer and novelist, I never imagined for a minute I would be co-authoring a book on reversing the aging process or rejuvenating the face and body. I admit to being a ‘health nut’ all my life, exercising twice daily, seven days a week and being very particular about my diet. I also read all the books and health reports on age reversal, but none of this made me look any younger. In fact, none of the authors of these books, reports and videos look any younger than their chronological age either.

When I went to Chongqing, China, to visit a police college, my life changed. I had the extraordinary good luck to meet Tian Yong, a grand master in the ancient Chinese art of rejuvenation. I initially didn’t understand how she could be a master in this anti-aging art since she was obviously little more than a teenager herself. It was then I found out she was actually 45 years of age. I am a great believer in learning from those who have done it. The western industrialized world is full of ‘experts’ who give us advice on anti-aging and rejuvenation, but their own appearance doesn’t show that their advice is valid. Sure, some of these ‘experts’ may look healthy and five years younger than their chronological age, but none are in the same league as Tian Yong and her students.

People in the western industrialized world expect to be sold a product they can hold in their hand, i.e., a crème, a pill, a machine, etc. They find it difficult to believe that biological aging can be reversed naturally without it costing money. Remember, human beings have advanced and maintained health for 40,000 years without purchasing anything.

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Americans spend over $100 billion annually attempting to look young and slim.   This figure could be doubled when including money spent in the rest of the western industrialized nations.   All the face crèmes, pills and snake oils haven’t resulted in anyone eliminating wrinkles and sagging skin.  In fact, it is extremely unusual to see anyone who appears five or ten years younger than their chronological age.

Weight loss diets, programs, protocols, clinics, etc. haven’t made much impact either.   Americans spend countless $billions trying to lose weight, but still the US is the fattest society on earth and the trend is in wrong direction.   The highly disciplined and dedicated persons who actually lose weight almost always see it return when they discontinue their diet, program, protocol or weight loss clinic.

Most Americans dream of the days that people working in the laboratories in white coats will develop a pill that will provide the miracle of youthful appearance and a slim body.   We have been watching television ads since infancy that promises us a pill to solve every problem.   The only pills missing now are the pills for rejuvenation and weight loss.   Of course this pill will never appear in our lifetime.  Since Americans are spending well over $100 billion annually, the companies that are earning these huge profits would be selling us this rejuvenation pill for even greater profits.   Of course we keep waiting because we are conditioned to believe that the secret of rejuvenation and weight loss must be discovered in a lab within the borders of the USA, by people in white coats; otherwise, it must be bogus.

Actually, the secret of rejuvenating the body, including the face, has been around for centuries.   The ancient Chinese discovered this, and the art has been passed down from master to master in the Chongqing region of south-western China.   Grand Master Tian Yong, presently in her mid-50’s, still passes for a woman of 25-30 years of age.   At 49, she was stopped for an ID check at a Niagara Falls casino because admittance was restricted to people over 19 years of age.   Her art involves no pills or medicines, and she had never even seen a multi-vitamin before visiting Canada at 47 years of age.   Tian Yong stresses that extending one’s quality of life is the true goal of her art.   Looking years younger than one’s chronological age is just a by-product.

To understand this ancient Chinese art, it helps to understand the basic concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine, although it’s not necessary to actually understand it…just do it.   When the Chinese discover something that works, and there are no adverse side effects, they just do it.  We in the western industrialized world, on the other hand, tend to study something for years and years, and if we don’t discover why it works, we’ll never hear of it again.

The people of Chongqing eat more calories, more saturated fat and more carbohydrates daily than Americans, yet are amongst the slimmest people in the world.   Tian Yong says that Chongqing people had seen obese people in Hollywood movies but assumed they were made by computer.   They had never seen an obese person in real life and didn’t believe there were actually people that looked like that.   Their slimness is not genetic, because when they immigrate to North America and adopt the North American lifestyle, they become just as fat as everyone else.   This is also true of those who are born in North America.

Tian Yong was convinced to collaborate with Brian Cox (see Brian’s bio www.bcoxbooks.com), the result of which is a book entitled “Reverse the Aging Process and Extend Lifespan”.   You can see photos of Tian Yong on this blog ranging in age from 46 to 53.   You may not be able to look thirty years younger than your chronological age if you adapt this art late in life, but you can certainly put the brakes on the aging process, look younger, be slimmer and improve your quality of life.

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